Glottocode: mian1256
ISO 639: mpt

Also Known As: Mianmin

Sources: Loughnane and Fedden (2011) & McElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)

Classification: Nuclear Trans New Guinea, Asmat-Awyu-Ok, Awyu-Ok, Ok-Oksapmin, Ok, Mountain Ok, Mianic



IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
196487and-sawithLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160277armpanforearmMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160279armhetMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
196485arrowán'type 1'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196486arrowanat'type 2'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196683arrow (pronged)geimLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159760asheskutabMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ashes
197030asheskibLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196488bandicootajaalbandicoot varietyLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197053blunt (of e.g. knife)fǔmLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159450boneonMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)bone
160255buttockspimpianMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)buttocks
197054cassurina treellebLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197056chesttubLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197041childmǐnLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197082childmǐnLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197081cockatoonamaLoughnane and Fedden (2011)white (cockatoo)
197057cockroachtanamLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197047cockroachtanamLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197058cold (weather)gilLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197059collar bonekwiŋLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197046cucumberkimitLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197060cucumberkimitLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197087dirty (water)mǐmLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197031downlaak'down, below'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
155901earkoronMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ear
197062enemymakǎLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197033eyekinLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
156855eyekinMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)eye
197032faeces (dung, faeces, excrement)aiLoughnane and Fedden (2011)excrement
197043fatheraalebfather.3POSSLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197069fed up (with)galLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
156751fingernailporoŋMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)fingernail
197034fishaniŋLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160280footsikirMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)foot
158683fullsippeMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)full
197035gardenláŋLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160278handkoirMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)hand
155045headgapamMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)head
197063headmankomǒkLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196674heartbobolLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196675heavyilumLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
158340he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)ereemphMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)he-she
158438he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)osheMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)he-she
158339he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)eMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)he-she
158439he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)oroshe (emphɔMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)he-she
196677holetemalso inLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160213holetemMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)hole
196676house postsbak'log in ground oven'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197086husband and wifekamLoughnane and Fedden (2011)