Williamson, Robert W. 1912. The Mafulu: Mountain People of British New Guinea. London: MacMillian and Co.

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
261273Fuyugthreegegedo mindatwo and another
261274Fuyugfourgegedo ta gegedo2 + 2
261275Fuyugfivegegedo ta gegedo minda
261276Fuyugfivebodo fidaone hand
261277Fuyugsixgegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo
261278Fuyugsevengegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo minda
261279Fuyugeightgegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo
261280Fuyugninegegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo ta gegedo minda
261281Fuyugtenbodo gegedo
261282Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)adzeso
261283Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)bellyombo
261284Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)birdnembe
261285Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)sonese
261286Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)childme
261287Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)clubgilise
261288Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)dogoi
261289Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)earyangolo
261290Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)eyei
261291Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)fatherba
261292Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)fireoki
261293Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)footsoge
261294Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)to gogege
261295Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)groundbu
261296Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)groundfa
261297Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)hairade
261298Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)housee
261299Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)knifeindi
261300Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)leaftu
261301Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)lipsude
261302Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)moonone
261303Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)navelkombolu
261304Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)noseunge
261305Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)pigovo
261306Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)rainvangose
261307Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)smoke (of fire)iso
261308Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)stonebute
261309Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)suneve
261310Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)day (not night)eve
261311Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)taromunde
261312Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)thighmude
261313Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)tongueusese
261314Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)tooth (front rather than molar)ato
261315Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)villagee
261316Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)wateryu
261317Fuyug (Mafulu Dialect)womanamu
261318Fuyug (Kambisa Dialect)adzeso
261319Fuyug (Kambisa Dialect)armia
261320Fuyug (Kambisa Dialect)bellyhombo