Thomson NP. 1975. The dialects of Magi. In R. Conrad et al. Eds. Papers in New Guinea Linguistics No. 18. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, pp. 37-90.

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
86020Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)manegi
86021Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)womanavesa
86022Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)old manbaeau egi
86023Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)old womanbaeau avesa
86024Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)childʔoeva
86025Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)boytamaruyoung boyyoung boy
86026Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)husbandeme
86027Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)wifeavesa
86028Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)fatherabai
86029Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)motheradei
86030Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)older brotherwuini egi
86031Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)younger brothernabu
86032Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)older sisterwuini avesa
86033Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)younger sisternabu
86034Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)I (pronoun d:1s)ia
86035Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)you (pronoun d:2s)ga
86036Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)noa
86037Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)we dual (pronoun d:1p, dual)guadai
86038Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)you plural two (pronoun d:2p, dual)aeadai
86039Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)they dual (pronoun d:3p, dual)omadai
86040Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)we (pronoun d:1p)gea
86041Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)you (pronoun d:2s)aea
86042Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)they (pronoun d:3p)omoa
86043Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)all (of a number)wuwuru
86044Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)headmoru
86045Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)hairliʔimuhair of headhair of head
86046Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)foreheadʔowaraforeheadforehead
86047Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)eyeini
86048Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)nosedurumu
86049Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)earʔope
86050Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)tooth (front rather than molar)maʔa
86051Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)tonguegoba
86052Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)jawarenajawjaw
86053Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)throatunari
86054Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)napegeduna
86055Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)mouthnoga
86056Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)shouldergabi
86057Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)armimaarmarm
86058Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)elbowigusu
86059Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)palm (of hand)ima saga
86060Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)fingerima duʔuri
86061Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)fingernailtovele
86062Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)chestsagasaga
86063Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)breastama
86064Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)bellybeni
86065Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)navelgagado
86066Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)back (body part)doe
86067Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)buttocksboto
86068Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)legʔaulegleg
86069Mailu (Asiaoro Dialect)thighʔobe